Primary Deaf Sports Day - Thursday 2nd November

The Deaf Facility students and staff departed school in the bus and the day started well. It had rained lightly

in the early morning but the forecast indicated it would ‘clear up’. When we arrived at the Doncaster Athletics

Track we set up our home base in the usual spot and set up our school banner on the fence. Another fun

sports day ahead!

The children were so enthusiastic about running in their races and talking to new and old friends from

previous years.

Many of our students won blue, red or green ribbons in events such as 100 metre running, long jump, high

jump, shotput and vortex throwing (older children). The emphasis on the day was having fun in participating

and doing your best.

The Tabloid Sports for 5 8 year olds was fun and well


All our students 9 years and above ran in a 100 metre race against their age group and gender. Some also ran in the 200 metre race.

At the end of the day in the presentations we listed the schools in order, from lowest points scored to highest.

We came fourth out of 14 schools. We did well. When our school name was called, our students proudly

cheered, which was heard by all in the arena! For our four Grade 6 students, this will be their last year

attending the Primary Deaf Sports and I know that they truly enjoyed the day.

This year we awarded The Good Sports Awards to:

U5-8 years 9 years +

Medallion - Arden

Medallion - Adam

Trophy - Georgia

Trophy - Farnia

We were very proud of all our students’ efforts, their sporting attitude and their general behaviour. They were

pleased with their participation and results.

The staff worked tirelessly all day to ensure that our students were safe, prepared and had a positive

experience. The Deaf Sports were fantastic! We are already looking forward to next year!