Clubs Program

Commencing Friday 22 May 2015 and running fortnightly from 2:15-3:15pm, all SAEPS students will be participating in a Clubs Program.


Please note that this means assembly will now be running fortnightly.


The aim of the Clubs program is to support our schools Values Program (Respect, Responsibility, Cooperation & Learning) by developing positive teacher and child relationships across the school as well as peer relationships with cross age involvement.


Children & teachers will have an opportunity to interact with those they do not know. Older children can help younger children and the younger children can learn from older children. New skills will be learned with social skills and creativity being nurtured.


Class teachers have placed their students into a Club randomly.


Ask your child what Club they are part of? Who did they work with? What did they do? What have they learnt?


For this first round of our Clubs program we are running a variety of programs including: Theatre Sports, Superhero Costumes, Improving our School, Recycled Creations, Lego, Gardening, Cross Stitch, Book Club, Cooking, Board Games, Science Experiments, Origami, Scrapbooking, Minecraft, Terry Tower Technology project, Chess, Construction Challenges, Newcome & Card Making.