Reporting to Parents Day- Student Led Conference

Appointment times were sent home earlier this week. Reports will be available to parents 15 minutes

before the student led conference. Please ensure that you attend on time as interpreters are booked to assist on the day and are running on a tight timeline.

Students are not required to attend school on Student/ Teacher/ Parent Conference day, however are expected to attend the conference with their parents.

This is a great opportunity for parents, students and teachers to engage in discussions that are reflective on students’ current learning and learning needs. We are looking forward to being able to discuss your child’s successes during the day. Parents and student will also have the opportunity to visit our school

gymnasium where they can view student’s work completed at Clubs throughout Term 2.

Parents and students are invited to the Community Room (next to the canteen) for breakfast between 9-11am. Come past for a bowl of cereal, some baked beans or fruit to see what is available every school morning as part of the St Albans East PS Breakfast Program. We will have coffee and tea available for parents also.

All unnamed lost property will be available for purchase from the school library on this day. The items will be for sale for a gold coin donation.